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Company Formation
Build Your Own Package £16.99
Below is a clear explanation of the features included our build your own company formation package, should you require more information please call our cheerful staff who will do everything possible to offer you the right advise.
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Company Formation Process
Registering Your Company - The Process ? Company Formation Top
Today companies are registered using software linked directly with Companies House the process usually takes around 1 to 4 hours provided details are received before 1pm.
What is a Limited by Shares Company ? Company Formation Top
"Limited by shares" basically means that the company has shareholder(s) who hold at least 1 share, and the liability of the shareholders to creditors of the company is limited to the nominal value of the share(s), and any premium paid in return for the issue of the shares by the company.
How many Directors do I need ? Company Formation Top
There is a requirement for a minimum of one director, this must be an individual and cannot be a corporate entity (a company).
How many Shareholders do I need ? Company Formation Top
There is a requirement for a minimum of one shareholder, this can be the same person as the director, a separate individual or a corporate entity (a company).
Do I need a Secretary ? Company Formation Top
There is no requirement for company secretary, however should your preference be to add a secretary and there is only one director, then the secretary must be a different person, where there is two or more directors, one can double up as director and secretary, the secretary can aslo be a corporate entity (a company).
What is the memorandum and articles of association ? Company Formation Top
The memorandum is an official document which can never be altered and lists the initial shareholders who agree to become a member of the company and to take at least one share each. The Articles of Association are simply the rules and regulation by which your Company must adhere to.
What is a Registered Office ? Company Formation Top
A registered office is the official address of an incorporated company, in the UK the address must be in one of 3 jurisdictions; England & Wale; Scotland or Northern Ireland; once registered in a specified jurisdiction it cannot be transferred to another jurisdiction. Generally the registered office will form part of the public record and is required in most countries where the registered organisation or legal entity is incorporated.
What Information do I need to disclose when forming my Company ? Company Formation Top
You are required to advise what the companies registered office will be, this can be your home or business address or a small fee you may prefer to opt for our registered office. Personal information consist of your full name, date of birth, natinality, occupation, electronic signature made up of the first three letters of 3 items characteristic of you (i.e. town of birth, eye cloour etc), your personal address, a service address this can be your home or business address or a small fee you may prefer to opt for our office address.
When my Company is registered who can access the directors personal details ? Company Formation Top
Basically anyone requiring information pertaining to the company's registered details including registered office, director, shareholder or secretary can access them through Companies House website, there are also several hundreds of other organisations who purchase the same data from Companies House for sale through their own websites. Fortunatel at CFT we offer a solution for what is now a real concern to many indivuals wishing to keep their personal data private, you can get more details on th order form or by clicking here.
Whats Included in Your Start Up Company Formation Package ?
Limited Company Registration 1 to 4 Hours Company Formation Top
We will register your Company direct with Companies House usually within 1 to hours provided we receive your Company details before 1pm, where details are received after 1pm registration could still complete but it is more likely to complete the following business day.
All Goverment fees included Company Formation Top
There is a Government fee payable for all company registeration, for limited by share this fee is £13 and is included in our Package price.
Incorporation Certificate sent via email (PDF) Company Formation Top
Once your Company is registered Companies House issue a Company Registration Certificate, immediately following registration the Certificate is email direct to you in PDF format.
Memorandum of Association sent via email (PDF) Company Formation Top
All UK limited by shares company registrations come with model memorandum, this official document which can never be altered and lists the initial shareholders who agree to become a member of the company and to take at least one share each. We presnt this document as a 2 part document with the articles of association in PDF format and sent via email.
Articles of Association sent via email (PDF) Company Formation Top
All UK limited by shares companies must follow a code of conduct, if you like the rules and regualtions of the Company, these are presented in model formated under the name of articles of association. We presnt this document as a 2 part document with the memorandum of association in PDF format and sent via email.
Share Certificate sent via email (PDF)* Company Formation Top
Share certicates are there to show the value of shares and how many are held by the shareholder, all banks require this document before they will approve a business account, we offer this important document free of charge were our free business bank introduction with Barclays Bank has been selected, and send it via email in PDF format.
Fast-Track Business Bank Account Company Formation Top
Following registration of your Company, and if Fast-Track Business Bank Account has been selected, we will pass your details on to Barclays, who's business team will contact you, usually within 24 business hours, and invite you to present your Company documents and personal ID at a time and branch of your choice, if approved you will be offered a business account with all their many suberb features. Barclays Start-Up Benefits. Please note Barclays Business Accounts are for UK residents only and acceptace is subect to the banks own status approval system.
084 Business Number for immediately use, FREE with NIL running costs Company Formation Top
Probably the best free feature you are ever likely to receive for your business. This amazing feature is 100% free of charge with absolutely no monthly or yearly fees and include the following Features:
More than 20 professional features FREE with every number including:
Company Formation 084 Features Missed call & voicemail alerts to your email
Company Formation 084 Features Divert your calls to multiple UK landlines or UK mobiles
Company Formation 084 Features Record your own greeting messages & voice prompts
Company Formation 084 Features Free on-hold chart music (+ 28 other categories to choose from)
Company Formation 084 Features Department Selection (Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support...)
Company Formation 084 Features 24-7 online control panel with instant updates to your numbers
Merchnat Account Introduction Company Formation Top
Many businesses these days require an online payment processing system to accept card payments, our associates will provide the perfect solution with most business types being accepted, and should your credit status prove to be less than perfect, we have an alternative provider who will guarantee approval.
Chip & Pin Introduction Company Formation Top
Used worldwide by most retail outlets and business centres, the Chip and Pin is there to accept card payments in person or over the telephone. We have teamed up with a formidable provider to bring you the latest machines available on the market, combined with excellent customer service and a special low price only available through our free introduction.
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When completing your company formation application please indicate if this information page was helpful / instrumental in helping you decide which package to select or indeed whether or not to complete the purchase.Company Formation Top
*Please note Business bank accounts, merchant accounts and chip & pin machines are not guaranteed acceptance each are subject to the providers own status checks, Not available to Non-UK residents


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